We’re All in This Together

A late night Facebook message had me in a surprising place – sitting in a pew in church at 9:00am on Sunday morning. Not just any church, but an LDS … Continue Reading →

Teacher, Learn from your Students

I first entered into yoga instructor training in 2002 when I took YogaFit Level 1. Since then, I’ve taken YogaFit’s trainings through Level 4 and also participated in a 50-hour … Continue Reading →

The Floor Isn’t Going Anywhere

Anybody who has taken a class from me knows that I’m a sort of an alignment fanatic. It’s my obsession. If you’re in my class, I’m watching you. Alignment is … Continue Reading →

What is With All the Weird Yoga Stuff

One of the major transitions in my yoga journey has been my acceptance of what I used to refer to as “the woo-woo” [accompanied by the waving of hands]. This … Continue Reading →

Why I Do Yoga

I fell in love with yoga half way through a swan dive down to forward fold. It was some morning in the spring of 2002. I ended up in that … Continue Reading →

Am I Not Supposed to Eat That?

I have a confession to make.  I use the money that my students pay me for my Wednesday yoga class to buy Diet Pepsi. It’s really quite simple. The students … Continue Reading →


What if you really could do yoga?

I hear a great deal about people’s various ailments as a yoga instructor. The conversation goes something like I say  “I teach yoga” and then the other person will launch … Continue Reading →


Generosity comes from the heart, when it comes

Generosity is one of those very typically-talked-about yoga principles. Others will undoubtedly come to mind and are also likely to show up in a subsequent blog. Today I am present … Continue Reading →


It’s (not) Raining Men

In almost any yoga class you will find that the men are far outnumbered by the women, if there are any men in attendance at all. Yoga is practiced by … Continue Reading →

ego mind

Yoga’s Greatest Enemy

The greatest enemy of a yoga practice isn’t anything external. It’s not a person or a movement. It’s right inside you. It’s ego. You may think “Oh, I don’t have … Continue Reading →